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About Biabox


The Biabox Co-op is a social enterprise, based on bringing Consumers & Producers together in the one Co-op.

The aim of Biabox is to create sustainable employment for Worker members of the Co-op by supplying a great delivery service of clean food to the Consumers members. 


Biabox is an online low carbon home grocery delivery service, which provides a full cost competitive grocery solution to its members. The menu items are sourced as much as possible from local and organic producers and growers. Biabox connects consumers with fresh, affordable and healthy produce, to their home or workplace, via our efficient delivery system.

Biabox ensures a sustainable marketplace for locally produced food by connecting customers with food from their area. Our menus are as local as possible, and over time as we support further local production, more local food will be added. The Biabox model complements our strategy of supporting new community agriculture schemes and has the potential to boost employment in horticulture & food production in Ireland, which has fallen substantially in the last thirty years.


Whole Solution

Biabox is more than just a grocery delivery service. It offers a whole solution from ordering of produce, meal planning, recipe suggestion, right through to access of other services made available to Biabox co-op members. As well as having access to meal suggestions, Biabox members will also be able to access tips on how to save money and reduce food waste, nutritional information and information on the producers and suppliers of their food. Biabox members will also be able to view a history of their weekly shopping and spend. Over time Biabox members will have access to an even greater array of fresh locally produced food.